lemon dill salmonI’ll preface this post by sharing that I love to create in the kitchen. I wouldn’t call myself a chef–far from it–but I would say that I intrinsically understand how flavors come together (at very least in the way I like them to!). I don’t always create masterful dishes, but I often do create very tasty ones. More than anything, I enjoy the experimentation-based “ride” and the many thoughtfully (and sometimes whimsically) prepared meals that follow.

So, here goes. Recipe numero uno is my idea of a super-simple (and super tasty) salmon dish:


Ingredients: 2 salmon fillets, 1/2 lemon, 2 teaspoons (fresh or dry) dill, sea salt

Preparation: Place the salmon fillets in your steamer of choice and coat the top of each with ~1 teaspoon of dill. Steam until desired doneness (based on portion size) and plate. Squeeze fresh lemon over the salmon, add a slight sprinkle of sea salt and, voila, you’re done.

For an extra bit of appeal, add a bit of tomato. Tonight I used a few sliced zima tomatoes for both color and added flavor/texture. In a word: YUM!!


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