I don’t know about you, but I LOVE salad! More days of the week than not I can be caught scarfing one down…and, as this recipe illustrates, salads don’t have to be overly complex to be flavorful. This recipe makes one medium/large (and, for me, single serving!) salad. (I doubled the listed recipe to make two)

So, on that note, here’s recipe numero quattro:


Ingredients (makes one of the pictured salads): 3/4-1 head romaine lettuce, 1 large kale leaf, 1-2 tomatoes (I used kumato tomatoes), ~2 cilantro stems (with leaves)

Preparation: Chop romaine lettuce (I prefer to slice across the lettuce head at ~1/2 inch intervals), wash thoroughly (tip: a salad spinner removes water quickly and efficiently), and place in desired bowl. Wash, remove spines, and chop kale leaf (I prefer to chop kale quite small given its relatively bold flavor and texture); then add to bowl. Wash and slice tomatoes; then add to bowl. Finally, wash, and remove stem bases from cilantro stems; then chop leaves/stems and add to bowl.

OPTIONAL: For extra flavor, I placed onion on my salad and, for this particular salad (based on the contents of our fridge!), I sliced up two strips of low-sodium/fat turkey bacon onto my partner’s salad.


Enjoy! ;)


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