olive oil and balsamic

Yep, true story: I’m a salad lover and, truth be told, part of the reason I love salad’s so much is because I love salad dressings so much! That said, I’m all about making my own dressing (have you read the ingredient lists on bottled dressings lately? In a word: UGH.), and most often opt for some olive oil and vinegar combo. I like to add onion or garlic powder (or similar) to minimize the need for salt.

With that in mind, here’s recipe numero cinque:


Ingredients (enough dressing for 1 medium salad): ~2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, ~1 tablespoon cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, ~3/4 teaspoon lemon/pepper/sea salt combo (I buy mine at Trader Joe’s because it has sea salt), ~1 teaspoons onion (for “sweeter” dressing) or garlic powder (for a bit more “savory” dressing). [optional: dash of cayenne pepper]

Preparation: First, add vinegar, then add olive oil and spices (tip: works best in a low-ball or similar style glass). Stir rapidly with a fork and pour over salad. (tip: use the glass and fork to thoroughly mix the dressing into the salad–I literally dig into the salad with the fork and repetitively press then twist portions of the salad in the glass to fully mix the salad and dressing together).

For an extra bit of kick, add the optional dash of cayenne to the dressing. Enjoy! 😉


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