Don’t worry, this is a short story that ends in a recipe. And, never fear: Not all salads are meant to be!

We begin with the imagined salad: Like many of you, I like to get creative (sometimes unintentionally) with my ingredients. So, when I saw a package of greens labelled “stir fry greens” I thought,”I’m sure I can make those into a salad!” I should preface this tale of salad woe with the fact that I “saw” the greens online at a favored online grocer. I should also share that I was mesmerized but unfamiliar with many of the package-listed greens. Lastly, I should let you know that I “like me some sales” and these greens were on sale. In two words: “Deal cinched!”

We move on to the salad re-imagined: A day later my groceries (and the greens) arrived, but when I opened the package I was immediately overwhelmed. The container was jam-packed (literally) with roughed up and rough-looking greens. Most of the them, while leafy, were tough-leaved, strong-flavored, and large/tough stemmed. YIKES. My salad-based vision went into retreat (although I haven’t completely tossed out the idea, because I like a challenge!) and a vision of steamed greens emerged.

So, here it is, recipe numero sei:

(fyi: don’t be overwhelmed by the extensive/odd list of greens! Surely you can steam and create successfully with one, several, or all of those listed)


Ingredients: (medium-large, overly-full bowl of the following leafy greens) swiss chard, rapini mustards, kohlrabi, chicory, kale, beet tops, amaranth, baby bok choy, spinach; also, four large stalks (with leaves) of bok choy

Preparation: Thoroughly wash all greens (tip: pre-washed isn’t always clean). De-stem all large-stemmed greens (e.g. swiss chard, rapini mustards, beet tops, kale, etc.) [tip: set aside to dice/saute–recipe here!]. Chop all leaves and bok choy stalks into ~2 inch strips or squares. Steam for ~16 minutes or until desired doneness. Return to medium/large bowl, drizzle with ~1-2 tablespoons olive oil and very lightly (sea) salt (~1/4 teaspoon). Mix and serve. (makes ~4 servings or, for us, 2) đŸ˜‰

For an extra “top-note” of taste, add a sprinkling of garlic or onion powder (or fresh, finely-diced garlic or onion) to the mix. Enjoy!

Here are the greens plated with a rice/cilantro combo and a tilapia filet with a salsa made from the green’ stems:



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