You know that saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well, a week or so ago, when I discovered that the grocery store delivered the wrong type of fish, I inevitably reworked that saying into this: “When the grocer gives you a salmon steak, make salmon salad.”

Okay, so I didn’t make salmon salad (I made salad with salmon), but you get the point, right? 😉 What may not be obvious is that I like surprise ingredients and the following recipe, while not that surprising, ended up being my “surprise” meal. Here it is, recipe numero sedici:


Ingredients: 1 ~8 ounce salmon steak, 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 small/medium granny smith apple, 2 scallions, 10 stems cilantro, and 10 cherry tomatoes (optional: 1/8th of a sweet onion)

Preparation: Prepare salmon steak to desired doneness (I steamed it). [tip: if steaming, place thin lemon slices under the fish to add a bit of flavor and to ease cleaning]

Remove ~1/2 inch from base, then slice romaine into ~1/2-1 inch strips. Wash thoroughly and drain (tip: a salad spinner makes quick work of this step). Wash, de-stem/core, then quarter and slice granny smith apple. Wash, remove tips/base, and dice scallions. Wash, remove bases and dice all cilantro stems/leaves. Wash and halve all cherry tomatoes. Add all contents to preferred bowl.

De-skin/bone then shred salmon steak onto salad. Top with your preferred dressing and enjoy!

Optional: Add 1/8th of a sweet onion for an extra bit of kick if desired.

Here’s a pic of the salad (with the optional onion) pre-salmon:



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