Blogger's Block?

Surely we’ve all wanted to do this?!

When I have “blogger’s block” I imagine doing this. When I should be doing something other than “Facebooking” (or “Netflixing,” or “HuffPosting”, or…) I consider doing this. Heck, even when my internet slows down I think about chucking my computer in this way. As if doing that would speed it up (although I guess it would in a matter of speaking)?! πŸ˜€

What makes you want to “make your online presence known?”



6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block??

  1. I think is it is my desire to know feel connected to people who have interesting stories to tell. I blog to share my story (interesting or not) and to want to know others who understand my struggles. And you get to know some great people!! =)

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