romaine saladThere’s nothing like a simple salad. A little bit of thought, a little bit of chop/chop, and a salad is served. Okay, it’s not that simple, but it’s close! 😀

The following salad is one I whipped up with a few random ingredients I had on hand. I’m big on lettuce and tomatoes, but the rest is often left to hunger (e.g. what I want) and chance (e.g. “what i got”)! Recipe numero venti:

SIMPLE ROMAINE SALAD (makes ~2 servings)

Ingredients: 3/4-1 head romaine lettuce, 1 medium/large tomato, 1/2 can (no salt added) corn, 2 strips turkey bacon

Preparation: Remove ~1/2 inch from base, then slice romaine into ~1/2-1 inch strips. Wash thoroughly and drain. Add to preferred bowl and top with 1/2 can drained corn. Wash, quarter, and chop tomato. Chop (pre-cooked) bacon into pieces. Add both to bowl.

Finito burrito! (aka you’re done!) 😉


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