A few years ago my sister gave me a brightly colored orange and yellow book titled “it’s a happy thing.” I love this book like most of the books I own, but it nonetheless collects dust in its assigned place in my home. Given that Sunday is a “funday” I figured, “what better day than today to dust off a bit of happiness?”

When it comes to happiness, we all have different ideas about what it is exactly. This particular book shares “101 Reasons to Smile,” “Kids on Happiness,” and “Words of Happiness.” Although each of these areas is chock-full of the author and others’ ideas about happiness, not all of them speak to me. I’d like to share a few of those that do resonate with me and, in doing so, perhaps I can share a smile–if not a bit of happiness–with you. 🙂

5 Reasons to Smile

1. Sunsets

2. Dark chocolate is good for you

3. Pixar movies

4. The memory of your first kiss

5. Red wine is good for you

Happiness is…

1. Being me.

2. Available to us all.

3. Caring about others.

4. Focusing on the good stuff.

5. The people who love me.

Happy Words

1. “To take heart in the simple pleasures of each day…is to discover the true happiness in life” ~Linda Elrod

2. “Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is just beyond your grasp…but if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

3. “Happiness is…keeping your spirit burning brightly, learning to take your troubles lightly, counting your blessings daily, nightly.” ~Linda Elrod

4. “Life’s truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way.” ~ R. Bennett

5. “Those who bring happiness to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” ~ Sir James Barrie


4 thoughts on “It’s a happy thing…

  1. Hey Randy,

    YES, true understanding of what happiness is, is definitely worth bringing some attention to, thanks for doing that in your post. I think you’ve really got the heart of it with your “Happiness is…” section; to care about others, being available, focusing on goodness etc.

    I would add that these things are an expression of a life lived as a devoted, passionate lover of people. Our hearts all yearn for these beautiful things but we are never satisfied as long as we are living for ourselves primarily. We are happy as lovers, because that’s what we were made to be! And we are happy in love—we can’t be satisfied until we have someone in our lives who we love deeply and personally and are loved back deeply and personally. Once we live that kind of life, beauty and happiness is abound!


    • Hey Dirk,

      Thanks for the thoughtful response.

      Personally, I shy away from statements such as “true understanding of happiness” because that implies one way–even one multi-faceted way–is the right way. As I mentioned in my post, I shared snip-its that resonated with me. Simply stated, I believe that individual truth and happiness are individually defined–even if overlap and archetypal examples exist. From this perspective, I don’t believe that one individual’s understanding is more “true” than another’s.

      Viewed via the same lens, I have similar thoughts regarding love, even if I largely agree with the principles you shared.


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