Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy.

I love looking into pictures and, inevitably, myself at the same time.

This photo captures the magnificent trevi fountain, but it also encapsulates one of the emotional highlights of my trip to Rome. In this moment I was awestruck by the architectural details of the background structure, the lifelike realism of the foreground sculptures, and the naturalness of the foundation both were built upon–not to mention the calming waters that flowed from the fountain itself.

I remember being struck by a sense of wonderment and tranquility in the midst of a crowded square. I was keenly aware of having been transported to my own “space within a place” and I reveled in the moment, in my relationship, in my trip, and in my life simultaneously.

This brilliant moment shines brightly among many that draw my mind and heart back to Rome. I will treasure it–and the feelings it evokes–always.


5 thoughts on “Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy.

  1. This is lovely! I love architecture, and Italy 🙂 It’s amazing how a photo, a song, a smell, a painting, or even words can take you right back to a moment in time.
    love, Jane

  2. I flew to Rome for one day while I was in Italy on business and explored the city. I remember walking through the streets and just having the fountain appear among the small shops and cobblestones. It is spectacular.
    I remember having a similar moment just sitting on the Spanish Steps eating a gelato. I just sat there for the better part of an hour, looking around, people watching, just soaking it all in.
    I fell head over heels in love with Rome.

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