its a happy thing 2

Yes, I’m once again whipping out that brightly colored orange and yellow book “it’s a happy thing.” My spring fling hasn’t taken root yet–mostly because spring hasn’t either (at least not in my neck of the woods)–and my happiness is tentative in tandem…so…I think today is the perfect day to revisit this book. Heck, everyday is a good day for happiness! Here’s hoping I share a smile–if not a bit of happiness–with you. 🙂

5 Reasons to Smile

1. Friday is never that far away

2. Sunrises

3. Bendy straws

4. Fresh-squeezed lemonade

5. Caller ID

Happiness is…

1. Being thankful.

2. Not stressing out.

3. My family.

4. Hearing ‘I love you.’

5. Feeling loved.

Happy Words

1. “Live with your whole being…all the days of your life! Your reward will be true happiness!” ~Rebecca Thomas Shaw

2. “Happiness is when friends remember your birthday…and forget your age.” ~ C. Myers

3. “You don’t have to know everything to be happy — in fact, it helps.” ~Russ Ediger

4. “The only way to live happily every after is to do it one day at a time.” ~ Dean Walley

5. Happiness is only a hug away! ~Ginnie Job

(For a few more smiles, revisit this post’s predecessor: It’s a happy thing…)


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