LOL. Oh, the world of “little” mix-ups. 😀

Meanwhile, I love the implied message: Everyone is fallible. The stated message is equally important because so many take the word of medical professionals as fact. Worse yet, they visit said professionals without educating themselves beforehand. Speaking for myself, I’m all about a second opinion and that second opinion is most often my own!

Now, I’m not willy-nilly coming up with my opinions on the fly (well, at least not my medical opinions). I Google anything and everything and rely on reputable sources to educate myself because I know that everyone is fallible. I may not always be right (and I don’t expect that I will be), but I do know something about whatever it is that ails me and I question to increase my comfort and understanding.

From that perspective, I’d second guess and question this doctor’s “you’re dying” diagnosis–even if I dramatically believe I am dying at times. Better yet (and seemingly unlike Scott Adams), I’d know that men can and do have pap smears and I’d be happy with my normal result. In the meantime, I’ll assume that Dilbert didn’t have a pap smear and I’ll laugh! 😉


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