gourmet rice

There’s nothing quite as tasty and “goes-with-everything” as brown rice. Like it or love it (or, egads, hate it?!), brown rice is a healthy compliment to most any meal. Some brown rices (and some brown/wild rice blends), however, are better tasting than others. The problem is that these premium rices require premium prices. So…how do you get more taste without adding too much more cost? Simply put, you mix rices to add flavor (and visual variety/appeal) to your plate.


Add gourmet rice to plain brown rice to boost the flavor and visual appeal of your meals! 

[My suggestion is mix plain and premium rice in a 3 to 1 ratio  (e.g. if making 4 cups of rice, use 3 cups of plain brown rice and 1 cup of gourmet rice to the cooker/pan).  Both your palate and your plate will thank you!]


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