A simple life.

LOL. 😀

Laughter aside, it’s true, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like a full stomach and a restful state–perhaps even a monster burp–to underscore satisfaction and enjoyment. After all, it’s most often simple things that promote both.

The problem is that we tend to live overly complex lives. Simple things often fall by the wayside on the road to bigger, better, faster, etc. So does simple understanding. As we strive for more we forget to value less. Worse yet, we sometimes lose sight of and forget to be thankful for what we already have.

The solution is to remember simple pleasures. Think of some simple thing that brings you pleasure. Do that simple thing. Do that and other simple things on a regular basis. The solution also calls for us to remember to take stock of everything we have, of everything we can do, and of everything we can enjoy. It calls for us to be thankful for these things even if we’re striving for others.

You’ll find that effort becomes effortless when simple pleasure is your goal. Thankfulness becomes infectious when you reevaluate the many things you take for granted. Best of all, life becomes fuller and happier when simplicity is remembered and enjoyed. Enjoy your next meal, your next nap, and your next burp! In many ways they each add value to your life.


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