tree leaves

I’ve always found peace in the leafy canopy of trees. I love the way they dance in the air. The way they whisper in the wind. I like to imagine they are dancing and whispering for me. Speaking the language of my soul.

I like to spread out a blanket and lie down on the ground under these leafy trees. I love to watch and listen. Time and again I’ve been reinvigorated and renewed in this way, if only for a moment.  I’ve also found peace of mind and spirit.

I don’t visit trees as often as I should. I don’t even think about doing so because I have so much on my mind. I make excuses–some valid and some not. I do make time for myself in others ways, but very few things bring me peace as trees do.

Spring is here and leaves will return. I have to get out there and find my tree and my peace. I owe it to myself to find a similar practice when the leaves retreat. You should get out there (or in there) and find your “tree” and your peace. You owe that–and so much more–to yourself. Today and everyday we should take time for ourselves. Better yet, we should make sure we’re taking meaningful time for ourselves. Calmness of mind, if not calmness of spirit, will be our reward.


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