Do our words reflect who we truly are? Or do they reflect who we want to be? Perhaps they reflect neither or both of these things? Perhaps it doesn’t matter?

My first question assumes that we know our true selves. Do we? I mean, really, do we? If yes, do we show our true selves to the world? Or do we offer bits and pieces or nothing at all? Why or why not?

If no, what do we show to the world? Are the things we offer aimed at self-discovery? Self-awareness? Self-delusion? Self-promotion? Or something else entirely? Why or why not?

These questions target our self-awareness and -understanding. Most of us believe we know who we are, yet many of us hide or avoid our true selves. In doing so we negatively stunt our growth, limit our understanding, and undermine our knowledge (among other things). My questioning nature has been inspired by a very recent fallout with a family member who has very little self-awareness or understanding. A person who hid pain and suffering–and inevitably their self–behind skewed beliefs. A person who animalistically defends their “guise of self” regardless of objective truth or reality. Unfortunately for both of us, this person’s lack of self-knowledge gave rise to ignorance that founded and fueled our recent fallout.

From this personal perspective, these questions also target the beauty and the horror of humanity. In this moment I define beauty as awareness. Awareness of self. Awareness of others. Awareness of the world. I define horror as ignorance. Ignorance of self. Ignorance of others. Ignorance of the world.

This isn’t to say that awareness can’t be horrific or that ignorance can’t be beautiful. It’s more to say that awareness promotes understanding. Understanding promotes recognition. Recognition promotes empathy. Empathy promotes awareness. Surely this “circle” is one of many that can be imagined, but it’s the one I focus on. It’s the one I appreciate and strive for. It’s the one I attempt to promote with what the words I write and share.

Perhaps curiosity begs for a similar rendering of ignorance? I believe that ignorance promotes narrow-mindedness. Narrow-mindedness promotes avoidance. Avoidance promotes isolation. Isolation promotes ignorance. As with the circle above, this is surely one of  many interpretations, but it’s the one I see. It’s the one I educate myself to be free of. It’s the one I attempt to avoid as I write and I share my words.

Randy Knows” is meant to highlight the good of me. “Randy Knows Business” is meant to indirectly highlight the good, possibly bad, and possibly ugly of me, and to directly highlight the good, bad, and ugly of organizations. “Randy Knows Poetry” is meant to highlight the good, bad, and ugly of me, but thus far it seems to be the catch-all for the bad and the ugly (possibly creating a counterbalance to “Randy Knows?”). The gist of my blog-specific redirection points to my interest in offering a complete reflection of myself. Whether or not I truly expose myself only time will tell.

It’s with the above in mind that I question as I do. It’s with the above in mind that I ask you to question yourself too. I like to think that we all create a mosaic of ourselves with our words and our actions. With our attitudes and intents. With our joys and sorrows. With our reactions and interactions. I like to think that our mosaics form the picture of humanity. I take my mosaic into the world to empower my own and others’ happiness. To improve my own and others’ awareness. To increase my own and others’ understanding. When we understand and recognize one another we can empathize with one another. We can truly know one another. Would I recognize you by way of your mosaic?


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