Randy and Nelson 2

Of all the pictures I took on our recent vacation, this is probably my favorite. The bulk of the pictures I took were meant to capture the beauty that surrounded us. The hotel, the grounds, the pools, the beach, the room, the meals, and the atmosphere that all of these things created. I aimed my camera intent on finding the perfect angles, the perfect lighting, and the perfect images. Yet, this “imperfect” shot captures what none of my “perfect” shots really did: the unfettered happiness we felt by way of our vacation.

Now, it wasn’t all fun and games and happiness. It wasn’t a mood-perfect, or experience-perfect, or picture-perfect vacation. Our moods didn’t always match the beauty of our surrounds. Throw in a forgotten medication, some bug bites, a couple of questionable service encounters, and a splinter and there was definitely room for experiential improvement. The pictures I shared with others were the best of the imperfect rest. Regardless, we had a “perfect” vacation.

After all, the idea of perfection is self-created. When we strive for perfection we fall short, because perfection is always a step beyond wherever we are. It’s the “grass is greener” concept gone mad. Yet, when we redefine the idea of perfection to include inherent imperfection, we empower ourselves to be perfectly accepting. To be perfectly content. To be perfectly happy.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t strive to be better or more than we are–embracing imperfect perfection implies a notion of “room for improvement.” It’s more to say that we should be realistic about what we strive for. Realistic about who we are, who we can be, and what we can experience. We are masters of our own destiny and the sky–if not celestial heaven–is the limit.

Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way. Don’t forget that happiness isn’t found in perfection, it’s found in understanding, embracing, and leveraging imperfection. I think my picture proves that point. Our vacation, considered as a whole, underscores the same principle. So, go ahead–embrace the imperfectly perfect you. Strive to better yourself, others, and your world.  Find perfection in imperfection and happiness will follow.


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