True story: I love a freebie. One of my favorite lines is “I smell a freebie.” Problem is, it’s seriously hard to get a good one. Worse yet, you have to be treated poorly, eat expired food, or have something fall on your head (or something similar) to have a “freebie” thrown your way. To top things off, you usually have to fight for said freebie. From that perspective, freebies are hardly free.

So, even as I proclaim my love for freebies, I most often target the next best thing: discounts! I’m all about savings and, given that I do a great deal of shopping online, I usually find them. I scour the internet and social media sites for coupons, promo codes, free shipping offers, etc., before making purchases. Heck, I even go to brick and mortar stores to view, try on, and interact with items to inform my online purchasing. After all, I usually find the best deals online.


Use “click-through savings” sites (I use Ebates!) that give you cash back when you shop online.

I usually save $50-100ish every three months using the above-linked site because I buy most of my skincare products, toiletries, supplements, and similar products (to include some foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, etc.) online. Even if you don’t choose Ebates, do a bit of research to find a savings site that works for you. These click-through savings sites usually don’t offer discounts for every store, but they do offer discounts for some of my online favorites (Vitacost, MyHabit, and SkinStore to name three) and surely some of yours.

TIP: Also, remember to stack your savings!

By way of example, let’s say you want to shop at Banana Republic online. Go directly to Banana Republic’s site/Facebook page/Twitter feed/etc. (or Google Banana Republic discount/savings/promo codes,) to find savings codes. Write down the code and close that tab/window. Open Ebates (or a similar savings site), locate the Banana Republic link,  and click to go to Banana Republic’s site. When the new page/site pops up, shop, then enter the previously found savings code when you checkout. Voila, you’ve just saved twice (win-win). Occasionally, depending on where you live, you can even save on taxes by shopping online (win-win-win). Happy Savings! 🙂


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