young child playing in the waves

I’ve always loved swimming in the ocean. Inevitably, if an ocean is near, I’m mentally–if not physically–jumping in. Stepping into the ocean is like stepping into nature’s embrace. It’s not always warm, but it’s inevitably welcome. I think my love is inspired by this embrace.

Weight is lifted as water encompasses. The body moves, dives, spins, and frees itself from postural inclinations. Physical pains slip away unnoticed. The mind lets go, opens, invites, and enjoys the removal of everyday thought. Worry-bound thoughts slide into the background. The spirit awakens, lightens, soars, and embraces nature back. All time is now and never as being becomes transparent.

The moment passes quickly when I leave the salt-filled water, even if remnants of this watery embrace linger. Weight returns, cares descend, and spirit becomes illusive. Yet, I can recapture these feelings in my mind’s eye. I can recapture these moments in other pursuits. None of these impacts me in quite the same way as an ocean swim, but I can lighten myself, my cares, and my spirit when my toes aren’t tickled by the ocean.

What is your “ocean?” What embraces you? What lightens your body, lifts your thoughts, and elevates your spirit? Surely something does. Find, remember, and pursue whatever your something is. Make the most of it and relish your experience. Find, pursue, and practice similar things. Live for and create these moments to embrace fullness of life and living. You may just find that when you embrace life, it embraces you back.


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