Impossible is a state of mind, not a state of reality. ~me

Sometimes I’m astounded by the words that drop from my own mouth. Oftentimes the words are good ones that lead to pleasant surprise. Sometimes they’re not. The above quote is a one-liner that revealed itself during a recent conversation with my partner. I was so struck by my own statement that I immediately wrote it down. Now, before you think this post is aimed at self-congratulation, I’ll happily concede that it’s not. If anything, my goal is to underscore the value of paying attention to what we say, and of being more mindful of how we define our words and our lives.

The upside of the above quote is that it conveys meaningful words we can all live by. The downside is that few of us do (live by these words). Many of us define and redefine impossibility on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t redefining the word (impossible) after we first define it. We’re redefining experiences, pursuits, goals, desires, outcomes, dreams, and so on–and inevitably a good portion of our lives–as impossible.

I know that I’ve defined many things as impossible. This knowledge saddens me because it means I’ve unnecessarily limited and undermined myself and my happiness. Certainly many things are impossible. Just as certainly myriad others are not. My best guess coupled with my own experience leads me to believe that most of us define too many things as impossible. I know that we do this to our own–and surely others’–detriment.

Consider how you define what’s possible. Dare to reconsider what you deem impossible or, better yet, redefine the word itself. When you do you’ll open up a whole new world of possibility. You’ll be able to open up to new, more varied experiences and pursue new things. You’ll be able to stretch yourself and reach for loftier goals. You’ll be able to achieve your desired outcomes, because you’ll be better equipped to recognize and create them. You might even realize your dreams.

Yes, it’s hard to do these things. It’s hard to move beyond who we’ve created ourselves to be. It’s harder to think outside of the figurative box that many of us enclose ourselves within. It’s hardest to change, to expand, and to realize our fullest potential. As for me, I will always be a work in progress, but I continually strive to be more, better, and greater than I presently am. What it comes down to is this: If we redefine our sense of possibility, we’re empowered to redefine our reality. When we can redefine our reality, anything becomes possible for us. That’s the world I want to live in–the world of possibility. How about you?


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