Sooner or later we must realize there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip. ~ Robert J. Hastings (“The Station”)

This quote is so simple and yet so profound. 🙂

It’s hard to accept that life encompasses each and everything we do each and everyday. That our joy can and should exist in this moment, here and now, if not in every moment of our lives. That there isn’t some ultimate destination–some ultimate experience, person, or thing–that will make it all worthwhile. For better and worse, this is living.

It’s not to say that we can’t or don’t suffer on a daily basis. That we can’t or don’t make comparisons that diminish our experience–or seeming inexperience–of present joy. That we can’t or shouldn’t have “ultimate” ideals in relation to life and living. Many of us do or have all of these things.

It’s more to say that we can accept suffering as we work to alleviate it to find our joy. That comparisons can motivate us, but they shouldn’t diminish our ability to recognize or experience our joy. That “ultimates” are likewise great motivators, but they don’t serve us if they overwhelm our ability to enjoy life and living.

Let’s face it. Life is imperfect. If it weren’t, we’d all have perfect lives. Perfect loves. Perfect joy. Perfect everything. Simply put: we don’t. So, our task is to make the most of what we do have. To find joy in the everyday process of living. To find joy in this thing we call life. We can and should strive to be our best selves. To create our best lives. To create our best world. “Better” is a wonderful thing. Just don’t let better keep you from your best life and the joy it holds.


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