LOL! What wickedly delicious social commentary. ๐Ÿ˜€

I have to admit my favorite humor usually has an underlying “ouch.” It’s true, isn’t it, that many people’s ideas of “involvement” are lazy-boy/armchair/sofa based? Also that many of us are becoming increasingly intolerant of real-time entertainment–if not the real world and each other–in the realm of “commercial free,” fast-forward, and on-demand consumption? These are but two of numerous “owies” I perceive.

Goodness knows, I’m as guilty as the next guy or gal when it comes to warming cushions. When it comes to demanding instant gratification. When it comes to many things. Yet, I balance my cushion-warming with regular exercise. I balance my desire for instant gratification with reading, writing, and learning (among others). I do many things that counterbalance what might otherwise be considered a “stereotypical” existence. Here’s hoping you do too?!

Goodness knows the cartoon is all-the-funnier when you can laugh at the parts of yourself you see in it. The laugh is all-the-fuller when you know there is much more to you than those parts. Balance the “laughable” with the “admirable”–or at very least the “unlaughable”–and life will be all the more enjoyable. ๐Ÿ™‚


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