open book

“Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story. Who you choose to be.” ~ Soothsayer, Kung Fu Panda 2

Well, for starters, you can probably guess what movie I watched (again) tonight? I don’t know if you believe in providence–I’m not sure I do–but, now that I’ve watched this movie, I feel like was meant to watch it today. So many vague and specific indicators lead me to believe this.

One thing I took away from the movie was the above quote. I found it both beautiful and endlessly true. I continually get lost in my own unhappy beginnings. I repetitively get weighed down by people and things of the past. Nonetheless, I do my best to overcome both. To overcome negativity and create positivity.

Let’s remember who we are, not who we were. These two selves are often very distinct, even if the lines blur at times. Let’s remember what we have to offer, not what we were offered. It’s easy to confuse the two and to shortchange ourselves and others in the present. Let’s remember what we can become if we desire change, not who we became before change was possible.

I’m actively creating the rest of my story. I’m choosing to be the best me I can be. So too can you. Imagine your life as a book with blank pages. Bound, but untitled, with all that has come before. How would you title your book? What do you want to write inside?


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